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About Rapid Results

About Rapid Results™

Rapid Results is a unique company providing healthy prepared meals for all individuals desirous of losing weight, or who have been told by their doctors that weight reduction is must for them if they are going to maintain a long, healthy life. Led by Chef Sharon, a professionally trained gourmet chef, and certified health and nutrition expert, Rapid Results delivers fresh food daily to the homes and offices of its clients. Over the years, Chef Sharon has assembled the quintessential team to create the amazing menu of fresh, healthy, and delicious meals we call Rapid Results.

Headquartered in the San Fernando Valley, Team Rapid Results has collectively over 50 years of culinary experience. With its diverse staff of international chefs, Team Rapid Results specializes in South American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and good old-fashioned American cooking.Team Rapid Results is a unique ensemble of culinary professionals specializing in low-carb, low-fat and sugar-free, cooking. Chef Sharon’s staff is dedicated to bringing you nutritious and delicious entrees, salads, soups, and desserts.

Chef Sharon has been featured on world wide TV and radio programs as a knowledgeable chef and nutritionist.