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  • The concept of “Changing Your Body Chemistry” is based upon the body’s biological addictions to sugar and sugar causing foods. The consumption of these foods is what makes us lose our self control, forcing us to make wrong decisions and bad choices about the foods we eat. This eventually leads to ill health and weight gain. The body’s addiction to these foods is difficult but not impossible to break. With our delicious, low fat, low carb, low sodium, sugar free meal delivery service, you can break your body’s addiction to these foods easily and without giving up great taste!When we eat, our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. The job of insulin is to immediately carry the sugar to the cells of the body to give us energy. Once those cells are full, any additional food we take in turns to stored fat or waste. Therefore, if we eat a steak with a baked potato on the side, followed by dessert, insulin will first use the potato by converting it into sugar and sending it to the cells. The second thing it will use is the sugar in the dessert.
  • At the same time, sugar is traveling in the blood stream and releasing a hormone called serotonin. The release of serotonin is what makes us feel happy and satisfied after eating. By indulging in our tasty low carb, low fat, sugar free diet meals, your body chemistry will begin to change, making you healthier, more satisfied and helping you to lose weight.Overweight is a condition which cannot be cured, however, it can be controlled. Rapid Results works because we change your body chemistry by preparing and delivering you low fat, low carb, sugar free meals that are most effective in causing you to lose your cravings for the foods that got you into trouble in the first place. Along with a few simple and effective suggestions from Chef Sharon, you will begin to notice your body chemistry changing within the first week.If you need exercise inspiration, please see our link for RESULTS STUDIO. Melissa B. lost 30 pounds working out with RESULTS STUDIO and eating Rapid Results low fat, low carb, sugar free and low sodium meals.